Recruiting Professional Educators

& Providing Diversity Training and Workshops

North American independent schools have long been challenged with securing educators from diverse backgrounds. The ASSI Group specializes in recruiting and placing high performing educators in the nation's best schools. We are committed to helping schools with an interest in diversity and multiculturalism to find talented professionals to add to their existing faculties. Our staff is made up of professionals who attended several of the United States' most prestigious independent boarding schools. This firsthand experience makes us uniquely qualified to prepare minority candidates and to help schools hire professionals who will meet their needs.

Through the consultation arm of the business, The ASSI Group provides educational presentations to meet our client’s needs. Regardless of the forum, whether it's a business luncheon, a conference, convention, graduation, or other event, we will provide an unparalleled educational experience through presentations and workshops. We have proudly served businesses, government agencies, private and public schools, and various other non-profit organizations. While we proudly offer a robust menu of presentations and workshops, if requested, we will gladly research and provide presentations on a subject not currently available.  


The mission of our company is to promote multiculturalism at independent schools, and other institutions of learning, by recruiting and ultimately placing diverse talent within the faculty at these schools. The objective is to enhance and enrich the educational experience of students by helping schools locate high performing educators from dissimilar backgrounds. Providing independent schools with a magnificent pool of highly qualified teachers from diverse backgrounds that will excel in the independent school environment offers schools a wonderful opportunity to improve their chances of achieving more diverse perspectives in the curriculum and extracurricular programming, as well as further encouraging respect and the acceptance of differences involving race, class, and locale. In an effort to improve campus life, social climate, and culture at independent schools, we also provide diversity facilitation and training services/workshops designed to encourage understanding and multiculturalism. Additionally, we aim to motivate and inform audiences on a wide variety of matters by proudly offering rich, substantive, and thought-provoking presentations and seminars.

Recruiting Education Professionals| Providing Signature Presentations